The Power of the Pivot

The Power of the Pivot

I absolutely love the MINDSET that healthy business leaders possess. A thought I wanted to encourage you with today is the word PIVOT.

Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Growth Minded Individuals are excellent at Pivoting, and I believe it’s a vital mindset during these times of closings and slower business.
I love Eric Ries quote on pivoting where he says that it’s

“A change in strategy without a change in vision.”

What strategies can you alter or change in your family and business?
Are there any overhead expenses you are able to put on hold personally or as a business?

At this point adaptability and rethinking how you see and run your business is crucial.

Is there a way to make it mobile?
Is there a way to look differently at your products or services offered?

God has given us brilliant minds and our minds are natural problem solvers.
Utilize your imagination along with the leading of The Holy Spirit each day. There is an answer and there is a solution.

I’m also reminded of Robert Kiyosaki and his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
In it he challenges us to ask the question “How can we afford it” verses the traditional ” I can’t afford it.”
A slight mindset shift like that when applied to your problem in business causes our minds to activate in problem solving, creative ways.

We at Entreneato are praying for your businesses and all of those affected by the virus. Feel free to keep us updated by social media or the Contact Form on our site.

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