“So You’re Passionate, Now What?” (How to Develop That Potential Business Idea)

“So You’re Passionate, Now What?” (How to Develop That Potential Business Idea)

I have a friend that as a kid always dreamed of wearing a jump suit, while jogging next to the presidential limo. His hope was to take a bullet for the president thus becoming a national hero. That’s passion ladies and gentlemen!

Passion is a huge deal to me. If we don’t have passion then what are we? 

Why are we here? If we have no passion we are no more than animals or robots existing, versus, creating and experiencing life as it truly should be lived. 

In the Bible there’s a scripture in John 10:10b where we see Jesus saying that:

 “He came to bring life and life more abundantly.”

Are you living life or even an abundant life at that? 

What does that even look like or mean to you?

What are your passions? 

What would you do for free? 

Can you turn that passion into a revenue stream? 

Is what you’re passionate about legal or ethical? 🙂 

Is there anyone else you know of been successful in that field or venture?

In helping to discover and learn more about your passion and how to generate income with it it’s important to know it will be one of two things.

It will either be a product or a service, that’s it. Plain and simple.

In Pat Flynn’s book, Will it Fly, Pat takes you through the process of testing your next business idea to ensure that you don’t waste time or money. 

I highly recommend it if you consider yourself and “ideas” guy or girl. 

The Big Three

We’ve all seen a clip from American Idol where the contestant is SO PASSIONATE about singing but has no talent, the wrong kind of ambition, or they aren’t able to hear an honest critique.

In his book, Strive, Scott Amyx says that passion alone is not enough without at least ONE of these areas. 

You can hear my interview with Scott and more about this topic by clicking this link.

1.) You must have an innate ability.

2.) Knowledge on the subject. 

3.) Or a way to generate economic gain.

You MUST have at least ONE of the THREE.

We all have passion but how can you turn it into an income stream? 


What is your product idea or service and how can you develop it? 

Have you seen anyone else make money at it? 

Is it a lucrative field?

Does it solve a problem?

Is your passion or skill marketable? (Can you actually make money with it?)

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