“I’ll do that right now!” (Your new favorite catch phrase)

“I’ll do that right now!” (Your new favorite catch phrase)

The Fonz had “Ayeeee”

Homer Simpson had “D’oh!”

Steve Urkel asked “Did I do that?”

Borat exclaimed “My wife!”

That girl from Dr. Phil challenged the audience to “Cash me outside, how bow dah?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger screamed, “Geht to da choppa!”

There have been thousands of catchphrases over the history of TV and cinema that will forever be stuck in our minds. (So go ahead I’ll wait go ahead and say one of your favorite catchphrases now.) 

As a budding entrepreneur your new catchphrase in your mind forever will be:

“I’ll do that right now…” 

Every great entrepreneur and person who has done ANYTHING of value has had a ‘Do It Now’ mentality and spirit about them because they understand the dangerous power of procrastination. 

And we are not talking about just being impulsive with every decision in your life and being careless. You are going to want to focus your energy into doing those things right now that you SHOULD do. 

If you SHOULD get up with your alarm, don’t snooze, do it now!

If you SHOULD read a chapter in that book you’ve been finishing for the last 3 years, do it now!

If you SHOULD finally sign up for that gym membership, do it now!

If you SHOULD purchase that web domain, do it now!

Whatever the right SHOULD is, do it now! 

There is amazing power in thinking right and talking right, don’t downplay its power!


What is one thing you can do today that you have been putting off and can do now? 

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