123: Speaking Coach, Mike Pacchione Topic: “Your public speaking anxiety might not be about public speaking.”

123 Mike Pacchione 

“Your public speaking anxiety might not be about public speaking.”

For 7+ years Mike flew the world giving presentations on how to give presentations. So meta.

He trained close to 10,000 people from some of the most revered companies in the world. He presented at conferences, at tech companies, at startups, at the federal government.

He’s presented to a thousand people. He’s presented to five.

He’s presented when his laptop froze, when his slides didn’t work, when there was a fire alarm mid-speech. 

He’s presented on two-hours sleep, He’s presented jetlagged, He’s presented when there was no coffee to be found.

Mike has worked with such brands as Starbucks, Nike, Twitter, State Farm, Google and more. 

For more info on Mike and his work check out MikeTalks.co

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