122: The Naked Warrior Mindset with Ret. Navy Seal Lt. Commander, Ed Hiner

122 The Naked Warrior: Unleashed Navy Seal Principles with “Iron” Ed Hiner

On today’s show I talk with Retired Navy Seal Lt. Commander and along around tough guy, Iron Ed Hiner!

Welcome back to the show! Today we’ll learn from Iron Ed about breaking out of a victim mindset, naked soldiering and we’ll learn a brand new acronym called VUCA! 

Here’s a little more info on Ed.

Ed Hiner was born and raised in Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains.  He grew up with a thirst for competition, and developed an indomitable will to win that would serve him well in his life’s work as a warrior and a leader. 

Ed graduated Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in 1993 with class 189.  He later attended Officer Candidate School, where he earned his commission as a distinguished honor graduate and class president.  He had an acclaimed 20-year career as a Navy SEAL, during which he made nine major deployments on five continents.  Twice awarded the Bronze Star with “V” for valor and combat leadership, Ed commanded hundreds of direct combat missions and low visibility operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia and Central America.  In addition to his combat tours, he led BUD/S instructors, managed the training program for the West coast SEAL Teams, and was in charge of all SEAL basic and advanced training.  

Ed now offers up this vast experience base as a coach and consultant specializing in leadership, team building, mental toughness, resiliency and personal conflict resolution.  He utilizes the principles from his book “First Fast Fearless, How to Lead Like a Navy SEAL,” to help individuals and corporations build and lead effective teams.  He believes leaders are only able to unleash the full potential of their team when they first understand and work through their own fears.  First, Fast, Fearless!!!

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First, Fast, Fearless

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